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22 Mar

There are enough sites out there suggesting that any would-be author have a built-in platform that I’ve decided to give it a go. Consider this your induction into my platform. From here out, I will consider you part of my ability to sell my manuscripts to an agent or publisher. Thank you for that.

Since I was laid off in March 2010, I’ve pushed myself to write. Not just the sort of cleansing writing I started out with that illustrated violent scenarios involving former employers and creative makeshift weaponry. No, I actually put a lot of effort into creating something that I think readers will enjoy reading. That said, I have neither succeeded nor failed so far. I have written. A lot. I have not, however, sold anything just yet.

I have three manuscripts in various states of edit right now that are not currently being shopped out to agents because I don’t think they’re ready. My first, an epic fantasy involving a dead god and an apple farmer, was sent out to a total of ten agents. Of those, four emailed with replies to my query letter. Of those, one was simply not interested and the other was not currently taking on new projects. The other two both asked to read more. After submitting larger excerpts, both of those agents wished me well and sent me on my way. I put it to the side while I started on a sequel manuscript.

As I plowed through the second manuscript, November 2011 rolled in and I decided to use NaNoWriMo as an opportunity to get my feet wet elsewhere. Specifically, wet with condensed steam and sooty coal runoff. While I did not complete the project in a month, I did well enough to finish my young adult, Steampunk manuscript in February 2012. It is currently in the hands of my beta readers, hopefully accruing considerable constructive feedback.

While I wait for Untitled Steampunk (working title is Unititled. How avant-garde) to return for edits, I am doing rewrites on Blood of a Godkiller, my original fantasy manuscript. I also have designs on some short stories I’d like to work through and, of course, I’m going to take a stab at this blog. For now, I’ll spend a minute getting familiar with WordPress and see how much customization I’m truly interested in doing.

Blood of a Godkiller (84,588 words)
Heart of the Realm (80,372 words, unfinished)
Untitled Steampunk (42,814 words)

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