Deliberate Distractions

04 Apr

This morning was the first in a week that I woke up and had nothing specific that I had to do, nowhere in particular that I had to go, and no-one I absolutely had to see.

So, predictably, very little got done. I did manage to make it through the first two chapters of my Steampunk manuscript and tease out whatever little errors or inconsistencies I could find or had been pointed out by the one (and only) beta reader that has finished it and given me feedback. Unfortunately, I had pretty much vivisected that same 24 page portion over and over while I was waiting for feedback, so there wasn’t much to do. I think I added stripes to a hat and split a maybe-too-long sentence into two maybe-too-short sentences.

Then I did a bit of work-work which, admittedly, means I switched windows and Facebooked and Twittered and Google+’d for a bit. That is what I get paid for, so it isn’t as shiftless as it sounds. Then I decided that maybe I needed to go in to work for a minute. I had some pictures I wanted to take to post on their social media sites and it’s just around the corner, so why not? And, well, since I was out I might as well meet a friend for lunch, right? Naturally, I got home and got to uploading, labeling, and sharing the photos.

So there I am, done with work-work for the time being and already sitting at the computer, so I should have gotten back to the editing. Well, sure, but it isn’t going anywhere and I did have some comments on this blog to respond to. A few new posts from blogs that I’ve started following. Probably new blogs to find that I might eventually want to read. Part of blogging, I am told by the very inspired insider resource of WordPress itself, is creating and developing community by participating in the ‘blogosphere’ which, if I’m being honest, I think looks like this.

Well, I was on WordPress anyway, so I didn’t have any good reason not to go ahead and write about how I’m not getting anything done on the thing I most want to get done. My brain has recused itself on the grounds that any testimony it provides will only further complicate its own participation as both prosecutor and defender in the case that is my procrastination.

So. Tonight: phone off, pointy editing hat on.

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One response to “Deliberate Distractions

  1. theartistryofthebipolarbrain

    April 4, 2012 at 5:38 PM

    Okay, I am a bad beta reader! I will try to make the time to read and work on this. Only because I love you. And that makes you freak out just a little. 😉


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