It’s Only Been a Week

22 May

Or 8 days. Whatever.

I honestly don’t expect to hear back from any of the agents I queried for at least another week. I am neither tense nor anxious about it. In fact, I have found a few more great leads on potential agents, so I can count disinterested parties as simply opening up room to send out another query. This is truly my favorite part about the entire process. Granted, it is the furthest I’ve gotten in the process, but even so I do enjoy it best. Things are out of my hands and beyond my control and I can do something else for a moment.

Speaking of which:

I’m leaving for Louisville next weekend to attend Wonderfest. This is my first convention/expo/nerdpalooza of any sort and I’m really quite excited. I’m not a huge fan of roadtrips, but some good friends, good fun, and all-around geekery may be just what I need to reset myself. The Iron Modeler looks especially fun: Eight 3-person teams are given a “base item” (could be a kit, could be a random item), a big pile of parts, greeblies and assorted castaway household items, and 4 hours to build the best model they can out of what they’ve got.

Then, the weekend after we get home, we’re hosting a Dead Celebrity party which will be amazing and, most likely, terribly embarrassing for most everyone. I love costume parties and I always push the envelope as far as possible. So, yeah, I’m definitely dressing up as David Carradine. At time of death. I’m not spelling it out any more than that.

So until I hear anything from any agents, consider me relaxed and enjoying the weather.

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