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Excuses, excuses!


I never intended to go so long without a post, but the simple fact is: My time as a stay at home writer is in desperate need of a rewrite. No more dragging my coffee to the computer for endless edits and drafting ever more queries. When I am at the computer now, it is resumes and cover letters (which, no surprise, are basically query letters and you are your manuscript).

I spent the larger part of the last two years applying for dream jobs with little little or no expectation of actually getting them. The last four months or so, I changed pace and have applied for everything within a reasonable commute from my home. I am now applying nationally because, it seems, the job market is just better in other places. Yes, grass is greener and all that. Trust me, there is no grass here at all right now. I’ve tried.

So, while I have not given up on tracking the progress of my manuscripts here, I do need a minute to find myself a job. There are still four queries floating around out there that never received any response at all, so I’m counting them out. Which means, for the time being, there are no queries out, no edits being done, and not entirely too much to talk about on topic here. Give it a minute, I promise to get everything back on track when I’ve avoided a catfood diet in a cardboard city under an overpass.

Until then!

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