I’m currently under-employed and rather than looking for much more, I’m writing.

While I’ve always enjoyed writing for my own benefit, I hadn’t given it much consideration as an actual pursuit until I was laid off and handed the opportunity to truly change my life. I had been working in higher education, putting in my required 40 hours each week as well as the suggested 20 more and, on occasion, the imperative extra 5. I had neglected my friends, my family, and myself in favor of a career that would keep me financially stable and intellectually satisfied.

The problem is, of course, that when you lose a higher ed job to a down economy, every other university is feeling the same pressures. So my unemployment looked like my new career. I took that opportunity to really set myself to writing. Not just for me, but for readers. And now, that is what I do. I write mostly Steampunk and Fantasy and am currently without an agent, but not quite shopping for one yet. I’m concurrently editing three manuscripts and expect to be in search of an agent by May 2012. I’ll share whatever experiences I have along the way here and on my twitter at @tobiaswrites.


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